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It is so important to keep in close contact with your recruiter. This may sound obvious to some however it never ceases to surprise me when candidates go absent during the process and when it happens it makes me wonder if the impact of this is fully understood. With this in mind I thought I would set out the importance of keeping in contact with your recruiter, which hopefully will help you as a candidate understand how a lack of contact can have a negative impact now and in the future.

As a candidate you’ve seen a job that interests you or having been registered with BCL Legal you have been contacted regarding a job that suits your CV. Interest is registered and you go on to instruct your recruiter to apply for the role. You have now entered into a relationship with your recruiter for the purposes of your job search. Good news, you are then selected for interview and availability is sought to arrange your interview. I’ve had a number of instances when at this important stage the candidate then suddenly goes radio silent , no emails or phone calls returned. The law firm is left wondering what happened, as a recruiter I’m left wondering what happened as no explanation has been forthcoming it is difficult for me as your recruiter to manage the process. Likewise at this stage any delay in responding to a request to interview can jeopardise you obtaining a suitable interview slot. I need to manage the relationship between all parties and without information this leaves me in a difficult position and unable to fully do my job.

As a legal recruiter at BCL Legal I work hard for all my candidates and having worked in the legal profession for over 20 years and am well aware of how impressions last and a bad impression at any stage in your career can have a negative impact later down the line.

It may be you’ve had a change in circumstances and have decided to stay in your current role or changed your focus in your job search. The more your recruiter knows about you and your situation, the more they can help you reach your goals and grow your career. So stay in touch with them whenever you can no matter what change in circumstances let them know maybe they can help and give advice. Update your recruiter at every opportunity throughout the recruitment process.

Don’t forget the legal recruiter is on your side, they go out to bat for you and know the market in the region you recruit and the law firms within it. They are best placed to identify the right role and sell you to prospective law firms so please stay in touch!

For more information please contact Rachel Darlington or visit our website BCL Legal.

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