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The Plight of Paul Pogba

The last couple of weeks I have been keeping a close eye on the on going saga occurring at Manchester United. Paul Pogba is apparently unhappy with Jose Mourinho’s tactics. He’s also unhappy with how his manager is utilising him, playing him out of position, not playing to his skillset and other such gripes. Finally, Pogba’s unhappy that United have signed a new big name player on a lot more money and are giving him a lot more attention. This has since become quite the public issue causing a load of worry in the red half of Manchester.

Disputes like this happen every day in offices across the country. It’s often difficult to approach a difference in opinions with your direct line manager. For the most of us, the solution isn’t to speak with the British press and plaster your office problems all over the back pages. There are however more diplomatic ways to approach these conflicts:

1) It is necessary to show empathy in situations like this. Your manager’s viewpoint on certain situations has to differ from their employee’s. It is important to understand your boss’ position in order to effectively discuss it.

2) Situation: Time and place (don’t use the back pages). It is important to approach your boss in the right manner. A discreet and professional approach is often the best route to airing out your worries.

3) Try to keep a positive mind-set throughout. You are speaking up to improve the situation for both parties, and the business on the whole. If you present your disagreement in this manner, it will go a good way to ensuring the conversation goes well.

4) Give your boss a chance to answer your queries. Understanding their mind-set will be crucial to building from here. A one-way conversation is beneficial for no one!

This conversation is a great place to start when it comes to a lot of the issues we speak about with candidates beginning their job search. According to a 2015 survey by American research giant Gallup, 50% of leavers move because of a negative perception or experience with their boss. If you have been open with your issues, and given your employer a chance to change without result then it may be time to make a move. Here’s hoping the plight of Paul Pogba doesn’t get that far.

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