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Prep like a boss!

Frankly if you have not heard of the phenomenon that is Joe Wicks a.k.a. “The Bodycoach” then you have most likely had your head stuck in a corporate deal or on a desert island for the last year. Or perhaps you just don’t like social media or Instagram or the internet in general, in which case you are probably not even reading this blog, so c’est la vie!

Well for the sake of completeness and on the off chance that you are reading this and thinking what is she going on about?! Joe Wicks is an online nutrition and fitness coach who has become something of an internet superstar - inspiring people worldwide to cook and exercise in an efficient, effective and healthy way.

In his own words, he is a man on mission - to rescue people from the terrible corporate diet industry by educating people about good nutrition and exercise. As you might have guessed I am a bit of a fan! Not just because of his lovely floppy brown hair, his very enthusiastic YouTube videos and his pet names for food –of course we should all be calling broccoli “midget trees”. What I really like about Joe is that he is extremely passionate and engaged about what he does. Also his advice is not rocket science, it is informed, sensible and delivers results.

Take “prep like a boss”, one of Joe’s favourite catch phrases. In Joe’s example he talks about how prepping your meals like a “boss” will help you achieve your fitness goals. Within his six “prepping” tips Joe highlights top level organisation and efficiency, in his words “mid-management level prep will not suffice.” He also makes it clear that you don’t have to spend hours and hours doing the prep if you are organised and efficient when doing it.

So what has all of this got to do with the world of legal recruitment?! How about interview prep?

I speak to candidates and clients on a daily basis about interviews – discussing interview prep, taking feedback, finding out what has worked and what hasn’t, delivering good and sometimes bad news.

Candidate preparation (and sometimes lack of/poor prep) is a recurring theme of these conversations and what is very apparent, especially when taking candidate feedback from firms, is that those who take on board our advice are the ones who perform best at interview.

So what does “prepping like a boss” look like in this context? We appreciate that our candidates are busy people. You do not have endless hours to prepare for your interviews. It is most certainly not about spending hours trawling through firm’s websites and the pages of the Lawyer and FT. It is about using the time you have wisely. For example; targeted research on sectors the recruiting firm and team work in, knowing your CV inside and out and understanding what the recruiting partners want to hear from you about your experience. Having a number of considered and sensible questions to ask.

As preferred suppliers to the leading firms in Birmingham, we are able to speak directly to the recruiting managers and partners about the roles we are working on. This means that we are uniquely placed to talk to you from the outset of your job search. Then when we do secure you an interview, we can talk to you in detail about your interview preparation and ensure that you are focussing your efforts on the right things. We will work with you to ensure you have all the information you need to prep like a boss for your interview and achieve your goal of securing the right role for you.

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