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Preparation is the Key

2017 is proving to be an interesting year in the insurance market with some of the big nationals looking to bolster their Manchester teams, largely we are seeing massive recruitment in RTA and Fraud.

There have been lots of changes in the legal market place but we are definitely seeing real optimism for this year and that includes positive prospects for NQ solicitors as well as more experienced Paralegals.

So in light of things being very competitive in the market for roles at the National Firms it’s important to make sure you have prepared as much as possible.

Lots of candidates do little or no preparation before an interview. They get tied down with work and leave prep until the last minute so fail to ask for role specs or looking on the website for information on who is interviewing and their background. It’s really important to research the firms and the role you are interviewing for. If it’s an RTA role read up on recent case law, have a think about technical questions you might be asked. This is really important if you are from a claimant firm looking to move to a defendant practice. Put your other hat on let the interviewers see you are adaptable.

Interviewers will be looking for your compatibility to the role, can you adapt, and are you going to fit?

In a really competitive market its important you give your self an edge, think about how you will answer a question about strengths and weaknesses and how you can turn this around into a positive.

Remember even if you are really unhappy in your firm not to be over critical about it, pull together the good bits you can speak positively about.

The way you present yourself is also equally as important, really make an effort. Strong hand shake and lots of eye contact when you arrive.

Take along a copy of your CV so you can refer to points if needs be.

I would always steer away from asking about salary during interview. This is something your agent can do for you later down the line. If they bring it up make sure you can justify what you are asking for. You have come as far as an interview be careful not to fall at the last hurdle and rule yourself out by asking for a wildly out of the park amount. You should be aware to an extent from the agency what the parameters are.

Lastly it’s always worth calling with feedback afterwards to any questions can be ironed out and it also makes it look like you really care.

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