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Pride of Britain Awards

When I woke up on Tuesday morning my social media news feeds were inundated with pictures from the Pride of Britain Awards. For me, the glitterati never fail to disappoint! I love looking at the pretty dresses and handsome tuxedos gracing the red carpet. Quite quickly I realised the real reason behind the occasion and it isn’t materialistic.

I was astonished by the selfless acts that the winners of the awards had shown. Fundraisers, Emergency Services, communities and campaigners have all made a difference to all of our lives in one way or another.

Many cases for these awards are centred on harrowing and disastrous events. Bad things happen all too often and we continuously live in hope that we never have to suffer anything so life changing. The bravery, determination and community spirit shown by these people is touching. Something to be proud of!

The smaller things count too. We all like to be recognised when we have done something worthwhile, no matter how much we changed the world. That pat on the back from somebody special can really mean a lot. That got me thinking; when was the last time I did something that I was proud of? I recently took a solo trip to New York for a couple of nights. I took an impromptu bus from the Canadian border and turned up in the city that never sleeps. I wanted to make it happen, so I did! Friends and family were so keen to tell me how proud they were of me! Being recognised at work is equally, if not more important. I was recently up there with the high achievers of BCL Legal and got a mention from the CEO in the last company meeting. After months of hard work, it was such a proud moment! It is important to feel proud of yourself at work, it is important to feel like you are having a positive impact and making a difference.

In the words of Heather Small, ‘what have you done today, to make you feel proud?’ When was the last time you were proud of something you did? Was this at work? Do you get that special sense of self satisfaction? Who tells you that you are doing a good job? Are you valued?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, this may mean that you are unfulfilled by your current role. Or maybe there is nobody in the management team who is in your corner, giving you the encouragement or praise that we all desire. Is it time to start exploring the market?

Here at BCL Legal we listen to you and find out what is important to you. We can talk about your highlights and successes and make sure that this is included in your application. Give us a call to discuss. I work with firms in Worcestershire, Staffordshire, the Black Country and Warwickshire where there are so many great places to work! Legal 500 ranked practices, regional firms and local heavyweights who can boast an excellent quality of work and an encouraging and supportive culture.

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