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Problems need solutions, don't ignore them!

Since working more or less full time at BCL Legal’s London office since the start of the year I have had to change my running routine from early morning runs around my home town in the Midlands to lunch time runs up and down the Thames (well, Tower Bridge to Westminster pier so not quite the whole of the Thames). With this change in routine I have become accustomed to being literally one of hundreds who mercilessly pound the pavements of our capital city, I was at first shocked at the volume given I had been used to being the only nutter getting up to go running at 6am back home, but now I am used to it and thoroughly enjoy the experience. The landmarks around the City have become my distance markers rather than just images I was used to seeing on the TV.

With my increased enthusiasm the number of runs has increased and with it a problem with my right foot that I have for a while now has become an issue I can no longer ignore. The implication of not sorting it out may mean less running in the future, something I couldn't bear. I liken this to solicitors who have been ignoring a problem with their job, it gets to a point where you need to ask yourself a question, if I got the problem fixed, would it make me a better lawyer and generally happier going about my business? What's the implication of not fixing the problem?

I am booked in to see somebody about my foot very soon, intent on getting the problem sorted in the hope that it will help me run more efficiently and prolong my ability to run but why have I ignored it for so long? It doesn't make sense. The same can be said of lawyers being unhappy at work, why keep going? Why not talk to a legal recruitment consultant at BCL Legal and see what the options might be? If we meet I may even show you my gammy foot!

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