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Promotion – Isn’t it time you had one?

Having recently been promoted to a Senior Associate, I am still basking in the glory and wearing a smile bigger than Olaf from Frozen! As smug as I am about my new title, I know how hard and tirelessly I worked to reach this stage in my career. I was not a born recruiter (although now I would say I was born to recruit! – funny that!), I transitioned from a qualified solicitor to a legal recruitment consultant just over 12 months ago to specialise in insurance, personal injury recruitment across the Midlands, Northern Home County and Hampshire.

As I started my new journey, I had no expectation of what the world of recruitment would be like and over a year in to the job I can tell you what a roller coaster it has been! I spent the first couple of months learning the ropes, processes, systems and a new legal discipline – there was a lot of information to take in and digest. Then came implementing what I had learnt and I started developing relations with clients and candidates alike!

Not all of it has been plain sailing, like anything when you start a new job, I have seen some dark days where it seemed nothing was sinking in and I was wondering what the future will hold for me! But whenever I felt like I couldn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel, something my dad used to say would pop into my head, he would tell me whilst I was growing up and still tells me to this day, ‘there is no substitute for hard work’. He was spot on! Similarly I have had fantastic support from my managers and peers who have always been there to lift my spirits when I felt all hope was lost. Even when I faltered they did not and always believed in me 100%.

I soon realised that if I wanted to be successful I needed to dust myself off and plough on. Like a sponge I absorbed everything that was being fed to me by my mentors and I soon picked up the pace. I wanted to prove to them and to myself that not only can I do this job but I am good at it!

Sure enough within 12 months I had received recommendations from placed candidates, built massive rapport with leading global insurance firms and demonstrated commercial success for BCL Legal. All of these things took time, effort and solid hard work. I had not even thought about promotion etc. as I was so focused on perfecting my craft.

However my hard work had not gone unnoticed by the business and I was invited by the board of directors and my manager to present to them for promotion. I was taken aback and overwhelmed as I had been so busy finding my groove that the thought had not crossed my mind that I should be considered for promotion. Personally speaking, there is no better feeling than your managers offering you promotion than having to ask for one!

If you are stuck in a role where you have ploughed blood, sweat and tears into your job without little or no gratitude and you are keen join a firm that will reward you for your efforts then please feel free to contact BCL Legal or call 0161n 819 7475 to discuss new opportunities. We all get stuck in a rut but there are firms/companies out there that value their staff and will want to ensure you are on the right track to success and will help you achieve your goals!

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