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Property lawyers: the non-traditional model might be right up your street…

The legal sector is ever-changing. Law firms must continue to evolve, change and adapt to become more efficient and more successful. Not only as a response to the market but also to changing technology.

The introduction of Alternative Business Structures (ABS) by the Legal Services Act 2007 was a landmark in how law firms are run. It allowed many firms to move away from the traditional partnership model and operate a more ‘corporate’ model. Essentially, this is to enable businesses to be more commercially managed – with a focus on efficiency and profitability. The structure allows non-lawyers to have a financial stake and for legal businesses to seek outside investment.  This rate of change has accelerated dramatically over the last few years. It’s also given rise to new and dynamic businesses providing legal services. 

The techno-legal lawyer

This type of business is particularly prevalent in the property sector and is resulting in a new breed of lawyers: the techno-legal lawyer. These businesses use forward-thinking technology to provide an efficient service to clients. The structure of these firms is different from traditional practices as the lawyers are at the forefront of their casework. With support, they’re able to focus on the technical elements of the work. 

There’s no other type of legal business where the options in management, training and technical support come without the glass ceiling. It’s this technology that allows lawyers to have flexibility like no other: reduced hours, home working, and a generous holiday entitlement.

Whilst many solicitors or fee earners might find this non-traditional model daunting, the 21st century is dictating the direction we’re moving in. It’s a brave new world for the ambitious and the rewards are big.

If you’re a conveyancer looking for something new and want to talk about this particular working model, including the benefits and rewards of working in a specialist property firm, give us a call today.

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