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Katherine Scarff
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Property market update from a legal recruitment perspective

It’s over a year since the SDLT holiday was introduced and there seems to be no or little sign of things slowing down in the property market.

This is most likely to do with peoples ever changing housing preferences after the pandemic and low interest rates. So what does this mean for conveyancers and the people who work in the industry? Are they expecting the housing market to crash, a nod to an impending career change, or will they always be working within a very busy and demanding sector?

I have spoken to conveyancers who have mentioned that they would like to put their job search on hold and see what happens over the next years with the property market but, what do they think is going to change?

With more people wanting to leave the big city, find more space, be closer to family or just fancy a change of scenery, perhaps putting the job search on hold is not the best thing to do as things might not change. Why not beat the rush and if you are seeking a new position, then get in first, before the rest of the market feels that it is the right time to look elsewhere.

I have various conveyancing vacancies across all levels that I am working with and some really rare and unique opportunities which could suit. One firm for example, is offering a fully remote position which, if you have enjoyed working from home over the last year and are due to return to the office, could be ideal. So don’t wait, the property market is still booming and doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of slowing down.

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