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Re-training into insurance fraud

Re-training into insurance fraud

With the changes to the personal injury market, we are finding that more and more lawyers are contacting us with some nervousness about what is going to happen post-Jackson this year, as well as over the next couple of years. The short answer is always that we don’t know, but what we are seeing is a trend where more candidates are re-training as insurance fraud paralegals, legal executives and solicitors. Insurance fraud is an area which is continuing to grow, and is showing no signs of slowing down, so may be seen as a slightly safer option than most!

But are you the right person for insurance fraud? Because of a general shortage of insurance fraud trained candidates, clients will often consider claimant as well as defendant lawyers for the roles. Essentially a fraud role will be purely litigious so if this is what you enjoy it can be an excellent fit. Those with good EL, PL and RTA litigation experience are usually a particularly good match. It does suit a particular kind of person, so please do get in touch to discuss more about this option if it might be of interest.

If you are currently drowning in files, then you should bear in mind that insurance fraud case loads are traditionally quite small. The work can be complex, particularly if you are dealing with multiple defendants and fraud ring work, so we find that a lot of candidates feeling that they are missing the intellectual stimulation in their work re-train into insurance fraud and find the work more interesting and challenging than before. The firms we work with have good resources and budgets for training, so you hopefully find that you will be able to progress quite quickly as an insurance fraud lawyer.

We are currently working with a number of large defendant fraud teams recruiting in this way, so please do get in contact with me if you would like to discuss.

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