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Real Estate Solicitor Jobs in Birmingham!

Real estate solicitors... don't assume you won't be of interest to the leading national/international firms because you’re training or experience is from a smaller firm, we can help!

As a legal recruitment consultant at BCL Legal, I work in a very specific market; my primary focus being real estate in Birmingham city centre.

With such a specific focus, I have full coverage of the real estate roles at all of the national/international firms in the city.

Without going into the question of whether a move to a larger firm is a 'step up' let's assume for the purpose of this blog that for whatever reason it would be a good move for you. I will tackle the 'step up' point another time!

The good news is that despite it being September, the commercial property market for NQ lawyers is still very much booming. In fact, it's booming across all levels with more vacant roles than there are candidates to fill them. The result of this is that firms must have a greater level of flexibility than I have known in this market previously and will very much think outside of the 'AAA, 2.1, Distinction, training at a national firm' box!

The level of competition for a qualified real estate role at one of the leading Birmingham firms is so far removed from the level of competition to get a training contract at one of these firms that many candidates don't even consider these firms as options until they speak to us. The market is wide open and you should aim high!

Quite clearly, you still need to present as a strong candidate but the size of your current firm will be of little regard if you can tick most of the other boxes...

1. Your experience. Very often at smaller firms this can be more 'hands on' from an early stage and you can gain exposure to a broad range of work. You are likely to have had a good level of client contact during your training and beyond and also have managed your own caseload from a fairly junior level.

2. Your academics. Whilst firms are increasingly flexible in this regard, generally speaking, if you have trained at a smaller firm then it helps if you have a solid academic background (generally speaking BBB/CCC and a 2.1 (even a 2.2) is sufficient for you to be considered). If your academic profile is not up to that level then I would still urge you to get in touch and we can talk it through. The more senior you are and the more experience you have, the less your academic qualifications factor.

3. Networking and business development. All firms like to see evidence of this in your CV so include a paragraph. Involvement with the JLD (or BTSS in Birmingham) at the junior level should be noted as should any involvement in charity events or client networking and business development initiatives. At the more senior level, evidence of developing and managing client relationships will always be of interest.

4. A genuine passion for property. If you can demonstrate a passion for what you do or a real desire to specialise in commercial property, it will hold a lot of weight in interviews.

5. Potential, drive and determination. At the junior level, this goes a long way.

6. Know your stuff. If you want to specialise in property then it would make sense that you can talk fluidly about the basics; do you know your way around a lease? It's surprising how many candidates stumble when tested on fairly basic technical questions.

I am keen to speak to real estate solicitors from the NQ through the partner level about roles I'm working on with the leading Birmingham firms. If a move is something you are contemplating then don't delay, with such a buoyant market in a thriving city, there couldn't be a better time to consider your options.

For a confidential discussion regarding your career, please contact Angharad Warren at BCL Legal.

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