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Why recruitment? Why me?

Having had 9 enjoyable and successful years in private practice working as a paralegal, trainee solicitor and then qualified solicitor finally living the dream of being a lawyer, something was still missing. What was it?

Many moons and months went by but I could not quite understand what it was that I was looking for. I had a feeling that perhaps continuing in private practice was no longer the right career path for me. I had to stop and evaluate everything I was doing, what my strengths were, what my goals are and most importantly what did I want out of my career. I realised that I wanted to be in a profession that mirrored my personality and would utilise my skills and knowledge of the legal world.

After many discussions with my nearest and dearest the search of where to make my next move, eventually led me to the doorstep of recruitment. I do not know why I had not been struck by lightening the minute I started re-thinking my future career path, as of course the ideal place for me to be was in recruitment. There was a light at the end of the tunnel!

The drive, the demand, the pressures, the communication and delivering results was everything that ticked all my boxes and knew that I would most definitely tick all the right boxes for the recruitment world. This ultimately led to my quest to find the right recruitment agency that would not only compliment my work ethic but also enable me to thrive in the right environment.

This is when I came across BCL Legal. Strangely enough I was already a candidate registered with BCL Legal and had been successfully placed by them in practice in the past. I had therefore first hand experience of dealing with a BCL Legal consultant and the advice, guidance and structure of how to prepare for every stage of what is only a challenging and sometimes emotional process of changing/finding new work was now easy and focused.

People will always be quick to use the dreaded ‘S’ word…’SALES’ when it comes to recruitment and it’s a stigma that is far removed from BCL Legal. As a candidate I personally received fast, effective and systematic consultancy.

It was my personal experience of dealing with BCL legal coupled with the fact that I was faced with a very big decision regarding my career and knew instantly that everything I had learnt in practice would be highly effective in recruitment and especially at BCL Legal. I have been engrained with the requisite skills to succeed in recruitment and contribute to what is already a successful and expanding legal recruitment agency that prides itself on bespoke legal recruitment service.

I handle the recruitment of paralegals and solicitors for leading defendant insurance firms including areas of property damage, defendant clinical negligence, claimant clinical negligence, costs, defendant professional indemnity and regulatory areas of law.

If you would like to know more please contact BCL Legal or call 0161 819 7475. 

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