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Reputation v Reality

At BCL Legal we have the privilege of working with a full range of law firms and legal professionals; from high street boutique practices to magic circle firms, from paralegals to managing partners.  Without exception, the clients that we represent have their own USPs and something to offer job searchers.  Our job is to find out what makes you, the job searcher, tick – what do you like/dislike in a role?  How do you like to be managed? Do you need flexibility in working hours?  These are just a few of the important questions we ask and these points are often the underlying driver for a job search.  Along with the all important salary/package of course.  Once we have all of the facts and a full understanding we can then present options and find the right opportunity for you.

The easiest candidates to work with are the ones who are open minded about new opportunities.  Not because we want to con you or send you for every job listed, but because we know the current market and we can gauge where you will fit.  We pride ourselves in an exceptionally low back-out rate at BCL Legal, which means candidates we are placing are happy and well-suited to the roles we present to them.

With all of our clients there will be at least one person that says “I wouldn’t work there” and when you ask why, there’s no tangible reason.  Or if there is, it’s not a reason to rule out a good opportunity.  For example:

-          They’ve heard of someone that worked at the firm previously who was unhappy:  Ask yourself and us, why was that person unhappy?  Was it the manager?  Has that person left?  Was it a one-off personality clash? Was that person actually under performing?  Unless that team has disbanded, someone still enjoys working there.  It might not be right for everyone, but nothing ever is.

-          They don’t think the firm can match their current work/life balance: When we speak with clients and start working a new position we will always ask about opportunities for flexibility and what the working day is like.  We can confirm this again before any meetings and we can have work patterns agreed prior to a contract being issued.  Flexibility is one of the many benefits of having a consultant act on your behalf at offer stage.  It saves you feeling awkward asking the question and we will give you the honest answers on the firms stance.

-          The salary isn’t high enough at this practice:  We would only speak with you about opportunities that we felt matched your expectations.  If we are speaking to you about a role that is lower it will be because you will be provided with something else in return, we can also give you the honest answer as to whether your expectations are too high and where you fit in the market.  Firms will often advertise roles without a salary indication, so it can be difficult to place yourself.

So, if you have made the decision to speak with a consultant about new opportunities, I would always recommend having an open mind.  If we speak to you about a role and suggest you go forward for it, trust us.  If you attend an interview and really don’t enjoy it or decide the firm isn’t right then we can return to the drawing board, you won’t have lost anything, but you we will both have a clearer idea of what you are looking for.  We know our clients well, so use our guidance, but nothing compares to sitting in front of the partner you will work for and asking the questions that are important to you.

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