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Residential conveyancing jobs in the Home Counties

I have recently joined BCL Legal’s Birmingham team as a consultant on the residential conveyancing desk, and have subsequently been thrown into a world of all things Residential Conveyancing! I look after all residential conveyancing opportunities in the South of England, with a particular focus on the Home Counties. I therefore felt it was only right to introduce myself as the person to contact in my first blog.

Firstly I thought I’d tell you little bit about myself. Before joining BCL Legal in February 2017, I previously worked at a law firm in Birmingham for a year, and prior to that worked in recruitment in my home city of Preston. Originally from the North West I relocated to Birmingham for better career prospects and to move in with my better half (I lost that argument).

I now feel like I’ve found a company that has given me the platform to be the best version of myself. Lets not forget, BCL Legal are ranked an impressive 56th in The Sunday Times Best Companies to work for which is no mean feat nor does that happen by coincidence.

Now lets be honest, nobody wants to get up in morning and go to work, but this is something that we must do in order to enjoy the finer things in life (or to enjoy anything for that matter). I can honestly say though, that finding a company or a law firm where you feel at home is a good feeling. You’ll find yourself enjoying your work (something which can also affect your personal life), you’ll find yourself doing that little bit extra to help out a colleague or to further your own aspirations, and while we all can’t wait for the weekend, Monday mornings won’t feel as daunting as before.

Therefore I am calling all residential conveyancers, solicitors and licensed conveyancers who are unhappy at work and looking for something new, let’s have a chat and see if we can make your Monday mornings that little bit brighter.

For more information please contact BCL Legal or email us at

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