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Resignation and the Counter Offer

Counter offers are rife. They are the norm and should be expected as no employer wants good people to leave a business as skills are hard to replace. We always recommend you speak to your manager about any issues prior to starting your job search as some things can be easily resolved. For those where there is no other alternative, then think about what you want out of your next job carefully. There are plenty of options.

So, you’ve had the interviews, been offered and accepted a job. Next step – resignation. More often than not to be met with a counter offer which may match the offer holding or significantly improve your current position/salary….Wow? What a dilemma!! Whilst they are flattering, here are a few things to bear in mind and consider when faced with a counter offer:

• A resignation is a resignation. This will never be forgotten even if you stay • Your trust and commitment will be questioned • Future promotions may be jeopardised • Relationships with colleagues as well as superiors will change • A counter offer should ring alarm bells about the type of company you work for. Why should you have to resign before they give you what you're worth? • If your boss increases your salary, ask yourself why they are only offering you more money now? Why did they wait until you were walking out of the door? • If your boss promises to remedy any problems which made you want to leave, ask yourself whether they can actually realistically do this or if it will be a false promise • It is far easier (and cheaper) to retain a member of staff than recruit a new one • The novelty of a salary increase soon wears off however the frustrations you had will still be there • Think about the firm you are letting down and how future relationships may be tarnished

Long term, counter offers never work. Statistics show that an overwhelming percentage of people who accept a counter offer move on anyway within 6-12 months. Fact.

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