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Returning to work post maternity leave...make it a win/win for you and your employer

Whether you've spent three or 12 months off work on maternity leave, returning to work can be a daunting prospect. You worry about leaving your child in nursery or even with family, you worry about juggling motherhood with work and giving both your full commitment and you worry about the basic logistics of ferrying your child/children about, getting to the office on time and not missing the pick up cut off!

Having recently returned to work following my second 12 month period of maternity leave, I can say with all certainty that the thought of returning to work is far scarier than the reality! Surprisingly, I have also found that returning to work for the second time has been a lot easier than it was the first time; yes, I miss being with my children 24/7 but being torn between a baby and a demanding toddler is not all fun and games and, at times, work can almost feel like a respite break!

Of course, some of you will make the very valid decision to take a long term career break after having children but that isn't a luxury everyone can afford and having spent years establishing your careers many of you will be keen to pursue your career ambitions.

BCL Legal is a fantastic employer (hence our inclusion in The Sunday Times' 100 Best Companies list!) so for me getting back to work has been made relatively easy. As well as having the full support of my husband, who does his fair share in terms of nursery pick ups/drop offs/ cooking (note not cleaning!) I am fortunate to have the full support of BCL Legal. Without that support, the whole return to work process might have been a bit of a nightmare!

BCL Legal has been exceptionally flexible in allowing me to determine how I manage work and motherhood. So, I have cut down from five to four days giving me one extra day per week with my children and I also work a good proportion of my time from home and go into the office one or two days a week for meetings or am otherwise out and about in Birmingham meeting with clients and candidates. Whilst working from home might not suit everyone, I actually find it's when I'm at my most productive; my quiet home office suits me better than the bustle of an open plan setup and the lack of distraction helps me focus. Increasingly law firms are promoting and encouraging agile and part-time working as a way of attracting and retaining the best talent. Job shares, compressed hours and flexi time are all on the up as is remote working; technological advancement means that we can do much of our work from anywhere in the world whether that be at home, your local coffee shop or even your holiday destination!

If you are in two minds about returning to work then get in touch with us. There are many firms out there where you can manage your job as a solicitor alongside your job as a mother (cooker, cleaner, counsellor, teacher, taxi driver...the list goes on!).

Here at BCL Legal, we are keen to hear from you whatever your circumstances and career aspirations. We will always take the time to fully understand your situation and your goals and we can talk you through the move back to work; which firms can offer you the flexibility you need and which genuinely want you to succeed and flourish no matter what your working arrangement.

Your career doesn't need to go on the back burner just because you have children so get in touch and we can show you how you can be a mother and manage a successful career.

For a confidential discussion regarding your career, please contact Angharad Warren at BCL Legal on 07469152425.

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