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Rise in house sales and how it has affected residential conveyancing recruitment

After a number of years of house prices falling, the housing market is now starting to see a massive increase not only due to economic recovery but also with the new help to buy scheme that the government introduced to help first time buyers. Chantel Gallagher, Consultant with BCL Legal in Birmingham offers her opinion on how the rise in house sale has affected the recruitment of residential conveyancers.

As a recruitment consultant that specialises in residential conveyancing, over the past three months I can say that there has been a massive increase in the need for all levels of residential conveyancers. When the housing market crashed, a high proportion of conveyancers left the conveyancing industry as their services were no longer needed as people were not buying or selling their properties.

Now that we are starting to see economic growth more people are buying and selling and with the help of the government’s new help to buy scheme we are also seeing more first time buyers on the market. This is obviously having a knock on effect with the estate agents and conveyancing firms as work load has risen substantially and therefore the need for conveyancers has dramatically increased. Unfortunately there is now a shortage of conveyancers due to their exodus from the industry during the recession. A lot of conveyancers are reluctant to make the move back into the conveyancing world due to the underlining fear that the market may crash again and they could end up in the same situation they were in back in 2008.

More and more firms are looking for qualified solicitors, legal executives and licenced conveyancers; however the shortage is exacerbated due to lawyers not qualifying into this area of law for the past five years which makes recruiting conveyancers with a recent and solid work history slightly more difficult. We all need a challenge in our jobs which makes recruiting for residential conveyancers all the more rewarding.

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