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Salah, De Bruyne and how Mourinho has ruined my life

I’m a lifelong Chelsea fan. I have to say lifelong, so I can underline that I am not some Johnny Come Lately glory hunter.  And we all know they all support City now, in any case.

It’s been a hard and disappointing season for Chelsea, brightened only by the prospect of an FA Cup Final against Manchester United, now managed by Chelsea’s former Manager, Jose Mourinho, the man who has ruined my life.

How so? Well, in a season of underperformance and mediocrity, further salt has been rubbed into our wounds by watching Mo Salah of Liverpool and Kevin De Bruyne of Manchester City perform as the best two players in the land and the two outstanding candidates for the PFA Player of the Year (congrats to Mo on pipping the Belgian to the title).  Both of these players were at Chelsea, (and KDB had long been identified as the “next big thing”) and yet Mourinho let them both go, barely giving either a chance.

Now, Jose can spend cash on players like Imelda Marcos could spend money on shoes in Russell & Bromley, but the talent business is perhaps as much about retention as it is acquisition. And Mourinho let the best two players in the country this season go and they have ended up at teams which will both probably finish above Chelsea, thereby consigning the Blues to the financial and logistical penury of the Europa League next season.  Poor retention costs businesses money.

At BCL Legal we have recruited talent from our competitors with some success this year. However, the positive impact of such “acquisitions” can only really be felt when an organisation’s existing talent is retained.  At BCL, our attrition rate is half that of the recruitment industry as a whole.  So, if you’d like to learn more about career opportunities  at BCL – a company where Mourinho’s talent retention strategy is NOT adopted – then please drop me a line at or give me a call on 07341 561962.

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