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Selling is a two way street!

This week, I have been reminded in a couple of different ways, how important it is for firms to sell themselves to candidates at interview. It seems so obvious but when you are in the throws of interviewing the process can become trying to say the least. However selling yourself and positioning your firm correctly can make the difference between securing your preferred candidate and starting the process again.

In recruitment, we are trained to prepare candidates for interview thoroughly however as the market’s changed, I think it is more important than ever that firms are “prepped” on what the candidate wants and what the deal breakers are.

In the last week, I have had offers rejected based on the environment and how the business felt, and on the interviewers and how they came across. On the flip side, we have also had candidates accept positions on less money because they completely bought into the person they met at interview and the team environment.

In a market where candidates are in short supply, it’s important to sell sell sell! Being honest, transparent is vital but highlighting the benefits of joining you over another firm will make a difference. It’s so important not to exaggerate or over sell the firm you work for as this will just lead to disappointment on arrival and people resigning within a few weeks. Don’t forget, candidates are meeting multiple firms and so you need to stand out!

Before you launch into a sell, take the time to find out what the candidate is looking for. Is it flexibility, stability, salary, progression, location, team / environment or lifestyle? What are they not getting in their current job and why have they come in to meet you. I would always recommend speaking with your recruiter beforehand to find out what the crooks of the situation are and what is going to set you above your competition.

Whilst it is always beneficial for a candidate to meet the person they will be reporting into, you have to consider whether that person is the best person for them to meet. Ensuring that they meet people that are enthusiastic, charismatic and can sing the praises of the firm is key! Also, think about which room they will interview in– is this the best way to sell your firm? Don’t save the glass fronted interview room, with the amazing view of the city for your best clients, use it to showcase your business to potential employees. Ultimately, if they don’t move to you, they will end up as competitions and in a small market, people talk!

Below is a list of points that I would recommend any interviewer highlights to EVERY candidate.

* Ethos: What does your firm stand for? What made you choose to move to them? What has the firm offered you? – There is nothing wrong with making it personal and saying; “the reason I have been here for as long as I have / the reason I moved here is because…..” * Lifestyle / Benefits: Can you offer them flexibility, working from home etc? Don’t underestimate the fun factor, does your business offer dress down Friday, do you have high flier trips away, are there team lunches / drinks? Are there bonuses? Do you get high street discounts – don’t forget, every firm is different, so you may be highlighting something they don’t already get. * The Future: Let them imagine working with you. What can a career with your firm offer them? Is there progression? Is it a matrix organisation with loads of opportunity to develop? Do you offer training? What are the firm’s growth plans, have you got new clients coming on board, how can they be involved with the growth? * What’s in your trophy cabinet? Show off! What have you won recently? Have you won any legal awards, Sunday Times top 100 companies, Legal 500? Have you had any notable hires or promotions?

Lastly, selling your firm to potential employees doesn’t stop at the end of the interview. You want these candidates in the market to think you are professional, efficient and market leaders. Feedback the good and the bad of the interview within 12 hours, if you are going to make an offer, don’t let them wait. Make them feel positive and wanted by offering them a role within 48 hours. Finally, ensure you keep in touch during the notice period. Can you invite them to meet the team again, for lunch, for drinks? Do you have an end of quarter meeting they can attend or a night out planned? Make them feel like they are already part of the team because when they are counter offered by their current firm, you need to make sure they are so excited by you they don’t consider other options.

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