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Sending it twice

As we are now heavily into NQ season, with many newly qualified solicitors having secured roles, the same thing that happens every year is still happening. By this I mean CV duplication.

A firm will quite often instruct a panel of agents to work on their newly qualified vacancies.

It is surprising how many candidates will give authority to more than one agent for the same role at the same firm. What I would like you to consider is this; what is the reaction of the firm receiving this duplicated application?

It can dismissed often as candidate confusion or in more serious instances, the duplication has arisen due to an agent sending a CV without prior consent and obtaining consent after the event. Some agents, in the race to send the CV, don’t bother to speak to candidates about the role and just submit the application. Agents acting with integrity who take the time to contact the candidate to get their approval to send the application are then faced with a client who has in some cases, received multiple copies of the same candidates’ CV.

If it is confusion, how do you think that makes a candidate look? Disorganised? Unfocused? Whilst these things can usually be resolved, consider that your first introduction to the firm has been one of discord. Additionally, do you want to be represented with someone associated with integrity or someone who does not think it important to consult you on your own job search.

It is best to focus your job search to one or two agents that you trust. Make an effort to meet them, decide whether they have relationships with the firms where you would aspire to work. Make clear list of where your CV has been submitted, by which agent and for which role. This list will ensure that there is no confusion and that you are in charge of your job search. Don’t forget that recruiters work with clients on a regular basis and will be asked their opinion of you and how you have came across in the process.

Make sure your agent contacts you about the role first before sending your CV. Your CV is your personal statement, are you happy with it being sent without your knowledge? I have personally never sent a CV without consent and will continue to act in this manner, but it is also the candidate’s responsibility to act fairly and go with the agent who contacts them about a role first. Law firms and recruitment agencies do not want the hassle of resolving CV disputes arising from duplicate applications. It is a waste of everyone’s time and resources, that are far better placed in finding you your dream job!

For a confidential discussion with a recruiter who will never send your CV without authorisation, please give me a call! 0161 819 7477

For more information contact Sharan Kokri at BCL Legal.

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