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Set out one’s stall

Collins English Dictionary:

to make the necessary arrangements for the achievement of something and show that one is determined to achieve it

When embarking on your search for the perfect job, I would recommend a couple of things:

In what is such a candidate driven market, it is imperative to not take a haphazard approach to your job search. The jobs market has been extremely buoyant for some time now and in the specific market I specialise, a good conveyancer can be spoilt for choice and probably somewhat overwhelmed by the number of firms / opportunities, which are fired at them by recruiters.

The whole purpose of using a recruiter is to make your life easier. I would suggest working with a consultant who knows your sector and limit the number of people you work with to avoid being bombarded by endless voicemails telling you about the same role with the same firm but worded in a slightly different way, which just adds to your confusion and if anything can be more time consuming!

I recruit within the residential property market across specific locations in the North West and as a result, I know my clients and my candidates in my market very well. If I have an opportunity with a firm, I will tell you the name of the firm, it’s not a secret, the firm is proud of its brand and wants people to know its doing well and needs to grow the team.

Once you have chosen your recruiter, please refer the above. If you have decided it is time for a change, be fully prepared to commit to your search. I can give you as much information about a firm / opportunity as you need but you need to allow time for preparing for your interviews and time to attend the interviews.

If you have a very good CV, the turnaround from me sending your CV to a firm and them wanting to see you can be day(s). The worse thing you can do is have a knee jerk reaction to move jobs, say yes to absolutely everything and anything, be presented with a list of firms wanting to meet you and then refuse to meet them. Contrary to what people think, firms DO remember you so don’t burn your bridges and leave a negative impression on the firm before you’ve even walked in the door.

Equally as important is the preparation you do prior to your interview. What do you know about the firm? Why would you want to work there? Who are you meeting? What can you bring to the team? What is the team like? What can the firm offer you? What makes you stand out from the crowd of other conveyancers?

You should attend every interview 110% committed and interested in the role based on the information and research you and your recruiter have done beforehand. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

When you meet with a firm, your experience has already been qualified. The interviewer is looking to find someone who will fit well in to the team, which usually amounts to you having a passion for what you do and showing an interest in them. Simple. Please feel free to call me on 0161 819 7465 for a chat about your next career move in residential property.

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