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Seven Points to note about Telephone Interviews

Seven points to note about telephone interviews

Telephone interviews are a little more difficult than face to face interviews as they can lack the personal touch, but I find that they are fine as long as you take your time and concentrate on having a good relaxed telephone manner. Some pointers follow:

1. Lack of feedback – Over the phone you won't tend to have ongoing feedback. You clearly won't see them nodding along to your answers, but don't let this put you off. Instead, request on-going feedback. Rather than long drawn out answers, keep answers concise and end with questions. If you think this feedback would be useful at any stage you can ask questions like "is that the answer you were looking for?" or "can I help clarify anything else?". That way an interviewer can’t switch off.

2. Smile! – Make sure you smile - it makes you sound happier and friendlier over the phone.

3. Get comfy… – Get in a comfortable and relaxed setting at home where distractions are at a minimum - standing up or sitting down - whatever you would prefer.

4. Know your CV – Just like in a face to face interview, be able to explain what you do, and know your CV inside out. Have it printed out in front of you for you to refer to and get ideas from.

5. Be interested and enthusiastic. Again, this is more difficult over the phone than in person, but achievable.

6. Ask questions throughout about the role. Ask questions about the job, just as you would in a face to face meeting. Find out the interviewers background.

7. Thank the interviewer for their time and ask about next steps. It demonstrates that you’re interested in progressing and ends on a positive note.

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