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Should I apply for legal jobs directly or through a legal recruitment agency?

Applying for legal jobs directly versus a legal recruitment agency is something a lot of lawyers wonder about; many think: why would I go through a recruiter if I can cut out the ‘middle man’?

This may seem like a good strategy but it often isn’t.

A good legal recruitment agency knows stuff you don’t

Recruiters possess inside knowledge about law firms and have a good grasp on what each law firm is really about. The culture, the work, the wider team – a good legal recruiter is able to prep you on all of this so there are no surprises when you get invited for an interview. You’ll know what to expect from the get-go.

  • What does the firm expect from you?
  • What bespoke questions should you ask?
  • What should you expect from the person who’s interviewing you?

It’s very unlikely you’ll know what to expect before an interview so helpful tips from your recruiter can go a long way!

You can ask your recruiter questions you may not feel comfortable asking directly

Negotiation is always tricky, especially when you’re doing it for yourself. Questions about salary, holidays, notice periods, career progression are relatively sensitive issues to raise yourself; that’s what your recruitment consultant is there for: to negotiate on your behalf.

HR don’t have the time to give you the attention a recruiter can

Unfortunately, recruitment can be at the bottom of the list for HR departments so you’ll rarely receive the level of information you can expect from a legal recruiter. The last thing you want to do is pester the HR department at the firm you’re trying to impress; again, that’s what your recruiter is there for!

Your recruiter knows the market

A good recruiter who has been specialising in their given area for a while should know the market inside and out. Not all firms advertise their roles and not all firms have active vacancies, but a lot of firms will make provisions and generate an opportunity for great candidates. Without your recruitment consultant, you may not have known about a role.

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