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Should I call my recruiter?

Has anyone ever told you communication is key? Whatever the relationship, communication between relevant parties is important in all walks of life. This remains vitally important when it comes to the relationship between a recruiter and a candidate. Having a constant line of communication is important and gives the recruiter the best possible chance of helping you to secure your dream job.

So why is communication key for the candidate as well as the recruiter? One scenario that sticks in my mind happened quite recently. I spoke with a candidate about an opportunity I was working on. The candidate having heard good things about the firm didn’t hesitate in asking to be put forward for the role. Things progressed quickly and after the interview an offer for candidate was received. At this point the line of communication between the candidate and I had been scarce, the candidate not really responding to emails and voicemails. At one point I even explained to the candidate that it is important that a concrete line of communication between us was established. Once the offer came in I proceeded to call and leave a voicemail for the candidate. With it being a Friday evening just after the close of business I explained in my voicemail I would be available over the weekend leaving my mobile number for a call back. However the candidate didn’t call me that weekend!

Monday came and I called the candidate again. Still no answer! A few hours later the candidate called and we spoke about the offer but before the full details could be given the line went dead. So, now knowing that an offer was on the table surely the candidate would call back. No further call came and in the end details of the offer were relayed over an email. Now having said all the above the lack of communication doesn’t seem that bad but here lies in the real problem.

Following the interview the candidate in her own words described the job role as everything she was looking for. At this point the candidate had stopped liaising with me and wanted to think about things as well as working out the costs of everything. This is something that I can obviously appreciate, the job including everything that comes with it, travel and salary has to work. The problem with not speaking with the recruiter at this point is that if you want the job, you like everything about the role but we are a little bit short on the salary front then that is a conversation I can have with the client. If however you keep me in the dark and I do not understand the situation fully then I am powerless to act in your best interests.

The reality is that communication is key for our relationship and for my ability to help you. If I do not know all the facts, how your feeling about a particular role or where an offer needs to land financially in order for it to work I am powerless to negotiate on your behalf. I imagine there’s been a time when you’ve really needed information someone and they’ve not been in touch? Ultimately I am here to help but in order to do that to the best of my ability we need to keep a constant line of communication open.

As a consultant at BCL Legal working on the residential conveyancing desk helping conveyancers secure opportunities in the homes counties I will be honest and transparent about the roles we are working on and how things work. With a constant line of communication and working together we can ensure that you secure that dream job. So, yes call your recruiter!

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