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Should I leave my permanent role to give contracting a go?

Whether you want the stability and security of a permanent role or the attractive pay and freedom of a contract/temp role, weighing up the two options can be tough.

What might be right for one individual varies to the next, meaning that permanent employment might be a preference for some whilst contacting more attractive to others.

A permanent role can give an individual a sense of financial protection and security, career progression and development, along with benefits and job satisfaction. A contract role however will often offer much higher pay, flexibility to fit work around lifestyle and a wide range of experience working in different firms and with different teams.

Whilst most contractors we work with hardly seem to regret the decision of leaving permanent employment, the uncertainty and demands of the contracting life do not suit everyone. Being honest with yourself is essential, as you want to make sure you’re making the choice.

The main challenge is assessing what matters to you most. If you decide to make the move ensure you are leaving your permanent employer on good terms, as sometimes contractors that we work with have returned to previous employers on a contracting basis.

If you’re a permanent employee considering a move in contracting, or a contractor looking to return to permanent work contact BCL Legal or call 0845 241 0933 and we can give you further advice on contracting in the legal field and advise you on the market.



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