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Should I rearrange my interview?

Let’s set the scene – work is flooding in and there aren’t enough hands on deck to cope. You start looking for a new role because things are becoming too much to handle. Applications are made, and interviews start coming through, but when will you fit it in? It’s like a catch 22! This process does not need to be stressful!

You will be given specified time slots to choose from or you will be asked for your availability. It is super important that at this stage you know your availability. So take some time to take a look at both your personal and work diaries! It doesn’t look good if this turns into a back and forth. I have had instances where candidates have told me that they can do certain days and when we manage to confirm this with the firm, they can no longer do it. Give clear times and dates, it is best not to be ambiguous.

If a firm have given a set list of times and dates and you can’t attend any of them, it’s ok! Everything is explainable, so as long as we have a plausible reason, we can go back and tell them. At this stage, it would be useful to give an alternative.

When the interview is booked in, you must do your absolute best to keep it that way! If the occasion arises where there is no way out but to rearrange, this is fine, but we need to be able to frame it in a way that doesn’t raise the suspicions of the firm you are interviewing with. It is important that we give the firm no reason to question your commitment and enthusiasm for the role. If this is due to childcare or a Court date has sneaked into your diary, not to worry, we can sort this.

Here at BCL, we are equipped to manage multiple interviews for you. As we all work together, we are able to plan them in a way that is both manageable and time efficient for you. Another reason to leave this process just with us, there really is no reason to go to another agency!

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