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Should I stay or should I go now…

Joanne Lack, Senior Consultant in BCL Legal’s private practice team in Birmingham offers her opinion.

Looking for a new job is stressful and time consuming.  Having a good recruitment consultant working on your behalf will ease some of the strain, however you will still need to invest a lot of time in preparation as well as taking the time off to attend interviews.  With this in mind, it’s worth taking a moment to consider whether you are really looking for a new job and if so, is it the right time - are you able to commit the time to attending interviews etc?

Commonly people look for a new job as they want a higher salary, better career progression, promotion, more complex or varied work or perhaps because of a lack of job security.  In many cases it is worth talking to your Manager/Head of Department initially as they may be able to resolve any issues, and will save you from having to rethink your commitment to leaving if counter offered once you have secured a new job.

If you are still committed to leaving, have a clear picture of what you are looking for.  Listen to the advice of the recruitment consultant as to whether this is realistic and achievable and then go for it! Once you have a job offer in hand, think about the counter-offer. Don’t be swayed by false promises or an increase in salary. Whilst this may ease your previous issues in the short term, the things you didn’t like about your role will still be there in the medium-long term and the job search will inevitably start all over again, however this time that perfect job offer may no longer be on the table.

If you are looking to secure a new job within the Midlands and would like a confidential discussion contact Joanne Lack, Senior Associate at BCL Legal on 0121 230 1850 or email

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