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Should I use a recruitment agency?

Searching for a new role can be a minefield. How can you find the time to look for a new job when you have billing targets to achieve? Where do you even start? There’s a way in which you can integrate your job search into your daily life and cause minimum disruption- enlist the help of an expert.

If you’re thinking of using a legal recruiter with your job search, here’s some advice on ensuring you receive the best representation possible.

1. Which recruitment agency should I choose?

It’s easy to think that working with multiple recruiters will maximise your chances of securing the perfect job when in reality, it can often have the opposite effect. Choose a specialist legal recruitment firm. You need to be able to form an honest and trustworthy relationship with your recruiter - they will represent you in the marketplace. Choose an agent who is able to provide you with a good cross section of firms. Many firms operate a preferred supplier list and you should be confident your agency is on this list. Applications made to firms operating outside of this list may not be considered.

2. Should I register with more than one recruitment firm?

If you form a good relationship with your recruiter and they full understand your requirements, maintaining an exclusive relationship may work for you. It’s good to benchmark the service you are receiving and ensure you receive a good cross-section of opportunities so it’s recommended to use a maximum of two. You don’t have the time to be taking calls throughout your working day and often you’ll be repeating information and in some instances applications, which becomes confusing and hard to keep track of.

3. Keep track of your CV

This is essential. Never allow your CV to be submitted to a firm without your prior consent. In addition, casting your net too wide can dilute your personal brand in the legal marketplace. It’s important to keep a record of where your CV has been sent applying to the same firm on multiple occasions shows a lack of control over your job search.

4. Communication is a two way street

It’s imperative to work with your recruiter and communicate well. Building a relationship with the right agency with a strong network in your chosen field has its obvious advantages. A good recruiter will open up job opportunities you may not have known about, provide you with key insight into the job market negotiate higher compensation packages and provide you with critical advice on your CV and interviewing.

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