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Should you accept the counter offer?

You’ve just completed the recruitment process and have finally found the ideal role for. Verbally accepted and ready to hand in your notice when your current employer turns around and asks you what can they do to make you stay? You tell them your frustrations and they come back with an offer which solves all your current problems, so what do you do?

Firstly, it’s important you remember the reason why you started to look elsewhere. Is your firm proactive in making sure you are happy in your role? Are you having regular reviews and meetings in regards to your progression and future at the firm? If you weren’t satisfied with your role and are now considering the counter offer, would you not be in a better position at a firm that is proactive rather than reactive. Not addressing your concerns throughout your time at the firm has made you look elsewhere and if it takes a firm to realise that they are going to lose you to try and keep you, is that the sort of firm you want to be at?

Secondly, does this solve your long term concerns? A higher salary is obviously is very attractive however, is your path to partnership still blocked off? Will your other concerns be answered by this counter offer?

Of course, every situation is different and you may not be desperately unhappy at your firm, however just don’t feel the progression is there or that you aren’t getting rewarded financially. The first course of action before starting your job search is to speak to your manager. Ask what the future looks like for you at the firm? When your next pay review is? The problem may be able to be solved without looking elsewhere and it may just be that what you want, your current employer was already planning to offer it you.

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