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Should you include hobbies on your CV?

Traditionally, CV writing advice goes that you shouldn't really include your hobbies on your CV, mainly because they take up valuable space and waste the precious few seconds a recruiter/ potential employer spends skimming through your history.

However, traditions are there to be broken and in some select circumstances, they can actually add value and help you stand out in a good way.

If you're looking to work for a less traditional law then this is your time to shine and share some of the quirkier aspects of your personality which other, more traditional firms may not appreciate.

Other firms (even traditional ones) may appreciate seeing a hobby if it's somehow related to the role you're pursuing and, if there's a chance your hobby makes you stand out as a more attractive candidate; you'd be wise to include it.

When a potential employer sees your hobbies, it helps to provide an insight into your personality, industry knowledge, and can make you more attractive for a role.

However, it would be wise to remember anything you include on your CV is fair game during an interview, so make sure you can really talk about your passion for the hobby and why you included it.

If you need any hints and tips or even advice on what you should and shouldn’t include, speak to a professional drafts and re-drafts CVs everyday.

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