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So tell me what you want what you really really want

I should start off with an apology to any of those younger readers who might not have been around during the era of the Spice Girls. But coming from someone who was at a girls school and lived her teenage years in the nineties, I will never forget that first song and the equally loud, brazen and fun video that went with the song. How on earth was that 1996?!

Love them or hate them, the Spice Girls summed up “girl power”, 5 girls who apparently new exactly what they wanted and were prepared to go out there and get it. The image of Geri Halliwell in the Union Jack dress at the 1997 Brit Awards spring to mind!

So what on earth do; ginger, sporty, posh, baby and scary have to do with legal recruitment?

On a daily basis I talk to partners and the HR teams in law firms and candidates and on a daily basis I have to refrain from singing this song to them!

At BCL we take a consultative approach. By taking the time to speak to our clients, understand their business needs, how they work as a team, who they work for, what sort of personalities there are in the team, we put ourselves in the best position to understand what there dream candidate would look like.

This means that when we speak to candidates we know more about the jobs, the firms and we can match up the candidates wants and desires with the clients. Its not rocket science and yet it surprises me that when I speak to candidates and clients they often say that other recruiters don’t do this. So if you are looking for a new role please get in touch with me and tell me what it is you really really want and I will try to find your dream job a.k.a your zigazig ah!!!!!

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