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So what happened to Armageddon?

Despite being a “Remain” voter in the Brexit debate, I was (ironically) only about 52% in favour and so I wasn’t as heartbroken as many seem to be about the outcome of the vote. The plummeting value of the pound has made the UK more attractive for foreign investment, deals have been done with key employers like Nissan and it turns out that the economy is actually still growing.

There are calls for a second Scottish referendum despite the fact that West Minster elite (that are supposed to be disconnected from Scotland) were the only people in England who matched the Scots overwhelming enthusiasm for remain. At the same time the leadership election in the Labour party, temporarily left the SNP as the second most influential party in West Minster.

Some elements of our media continue to try and damage the UKs interests at every turn. On this occasion by campaigning to get the government to declare it’s bargaining position before its gets to the negotiating table – thus ensuring that the EU negotiators will be in a superior position.

Commercial property teams in Birmingham continue to recruit for lawyers in all aspects of property work and clients keep giving them new instructions. So the economy continues to grow, the SNP want another referendum, journalists will do anything to sell newspapers and law firms cannot find enough real estate solicitors. In my world absolutely nothing has changed. So what happened to Armageddon?

The truth is, in a world where many of us remember “worst recession in living memory” any sort of big change is always going to cause alarm.

In reality banks and other investors have cash to lend and spend. Commercial development and infrastructure projects continue a pace. House building, redevelopment and regeneration are all key parts of the government strategy moving forward. Once all this property has been developed and re developed then someone needs to manage it, buy it, sell it and lease it.

As the only recruitment consultant who specialises 100% in recruiting for real estate teams in Birmingham, I am currently working on approximately 30 live vacancies within differing areas of commercial property.

Armageddon hasn’t happened, growth in property continues a pace – its time to take advantage and take the next step in your career. There is no point waiting for an Armageddon that may never come.

To talk in confidence about what they next step might look like feel free to give me a call to discuss.

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