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So you have accepted the job…. What happens if you get cold feet?

So you have accepted the job…. What happens if you get cold feet?

As we all know, securing a new position can be stressful. With what feels like endless interviews, constant phone calls and various negotiations, it can be quite a pain! But, eventually, with the help of your recruiter and a lot of hard work, you secure your new position and all the pieces fall into place! You hand your notice in, your employer throws a fit and condemns you to your 3 month notice period! What next?

Your manager will do everything in their power to retain you! After all, recruiting someone new for them will be expensive, time consuming and frustrating, it is much easier for you to just stay.  Nine times out of 10 they will offer you more money, promotions, promise you any extra support you require and tell you that if you stay it will all be different – in essence they will promise you the world! On the odd occasion, they may well follow this through, however majority of the time, you will find yourself looking again in 6 months! By which point the position you had accepted will more than likely have gone and having let them down at the 11th hour, it’s unlikely they will want to reconsider your application.

When handing your notice in, it’s important to remember the reasons you wanted to leave. Was it salary? Location? Progression? Changes in the business? Culture of the firm? Whatever the reason, it is difficult for your employer to change this, even when they say they will. You need to be strong and realise that everyone who hands their notice in is asked to reconsider and offered alternatives. This is normal. Your manager will flatter your ego and highlight all the pros of working with your current firm, reminding you of all the reasons you chose to work with them in the first place.

Should you choose to remain, you need to consider carefully the impact it will have on you moving forward within the business. You have demonstrated to your employer that you are able to and happy to interview else where. When it comes to promotions, will you be promoted when you have shown such disloyalty? Probably not, as in essence you have gone to the competition and highlighted the weaknesses of your current firm.

My advice is to always consider the process of recruitment from the beginning. How will you feel handing your notice in? What is there that they can offer you to stay with them? If a pay increase or promotion will retain you, I would advise that you speak to your manager about your position. Doing this first will demonstrate to your manager that you are someone to be trusted and will save your reputation and time. Alternatively, if you strongly believe there is nothing they can offer you to make you stay, then remind yourself of that throughout the process.

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