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How soon after an interview do I need to provide my feedback?

When using a recruiter I would really take a moment to think what is the reason why you have contacted them? Is it because you know they will have contacts that perhaps you don’t or it will save you time as they can search for the perfect role for you? There are many benefits of using a recruiter and at BCL we strive to be the best in the legal market. We spend a lot of time with both of our clients and candidates really trying to getting to know every detail so we can find you the perfect job and our clients the perfect candidate.

Once you are at interview stage this is an achievement in itself as a firm has seen something on your CV they like. I am sure once you have had your interview you would be keen to find out what they think of you, I mean it’s only natural even if it is a no I am sure you would want to know why, so you can take that feedback and learn. So in answer to how quick you should provide your feedback, straight away, why wait? It’s really important for us to get your feedback straightaway so we can go back to the client and let them know if you have any worries, concerns or what you did really like about them. The quicker you do this the sooner we have clients’ feedback and after all a call after an interview only reflects positively on you as its highlights your commitment and enthusiasm.

Residential conveyancing is busier than ever and good quality candidates will secure interviews thick and fast so make sure you are always in touch as we will be with you as much as we can. At BCL we help both our clients and candidates by matching what they both want, if you would like to discuss any of the roles across Yorkshire and the North East within residential conveyancing call Katherine Scarff on 0113 323 4904.

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