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Starting work

No matter how old you are, or who you are, it always feels like the first day in your new job is like the first day at a new school. The sense of elation is followed by a moment of terror about your capability to start again - I got this snipet of wisdom from friends, family….and general people I asked in the street.

After the ecstatic and utter elation to find a job that you really, really wanted is yours, actually YOURS there is the mild panic…. How will I get there? Will I enjoy it? What if I don’t like it? And of course, WHAT WILL I WEAR??

So I spent the first hour after my accepting my new job wondering how I was going to get to the office from my house - I hate being late and so felt that everything had to go with military precision. This turned into several scenarios;

A. I could drive?

Yes, I could but this might make me late and although I see myself as a responsible driver, I could not guarantee others behaviours, or the traffic. Parking was also an issue and having very strong and disturbing memories of having my beautiful car being towed because of a reluctance in being able to understand all forms parking restrictions (hence being towed). I couldn’t be sure that I wouldn’t have to try and negotiate with a traffic warden at some point. I couldn’t also be sure that after a long day at the office or having a call run over that I wouldn’t be late and so have some sort of fine. The answer came back as a huge NO! As I said I am a responsible driver… I am also not stupid.

B. Public transport?

As I relocated from London and spent my majority of my time on the tube going to and from work I was relishing the idea of trying the pleasures of Birmingham’s public transport system. I don’t live by a train station so my only option was a bus.

Having done my ‘investigation’ I found that there was a bus stop at the end of my road which would take me 3.4 mins walk to my own front door – This seemed ideal but I did have slight trepidations as I hadn’t actually been on a Birmingham bus for over 15 years (or until I actually learned to drive). However, I could not argue with the price or the journey time so thought that this was probably be the best course of action.

C. Walking?

It is 4 miles and would take 1 hour and 31 mins if I power walked.

I would get the bus.

D. Will I like it?

I didn’t have to think about this much, I really enjoy recruitment and I am good at it. I have done it in different guises and through different markets – I stayed through the prosperous times and the lean, but I have to confess I have enjoyed it most when I had loads of lovely jobs and loads of lovely candidates.

I then remembered my ‘soon to be’ Manager and how I liked her. I remembered when I was invited into the office on my 3rd interview and how welcome I felt, and how I thought that this is really ‘me’. How when I was showed the designated desk, I imagined myself there and how happy I could be there. How the people seemed like my people and how I was imprinted with BCL Legal through me like a stick of rock. All fears seem to fade away…..I was going to love this!

Now what do I wear?

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