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Stay-cations, Work-cations, pre-cations, what is going on?

Taking time out from work is important. Holidays can make us improve our perspective and give us fresh ideas and approaches. Recharging the batteries is paramount and you can return to your working day with renewed enthusiasm. “Work-cations” where you simply change your scenery but continue to respond to emails in exactly the same way as you would in the office does not truly give you a chance to switch off and have a full rest.

The latest holiday is a “pre-cation” where you take a holiday in between finishing your old job and starting a new and exciting challenge. Finishing up on a Friday and starting your new job the following Monday can sometimes feel like you have not had much chance to prepare and the first week can be a bit of a blur. If you take a break you can start your new job full of beans and feel like you have fully switched off from your old employer, and the issues you may be leaving behind.

I am glad I took a much needed vacation before September as Manchester’s legal market remains extremely buoyant judging by a very busy September!! Get in touch with BCL Legal, let us help to find you a fantastic new role, and then all you have to worry about is planning that “pre-cation”….

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