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Why should I stay in my current job?

I suppose it’s a strange question for a recruitment consultant to ask really. According to general perception, we recruiters are all about convincing you to make a move – after all, it’s what our business is based upon.

That being said, it is a question that we at BCL ask our candidates. It’s not that we don’t want you to move – but we feel that by asking this question we can get a really solid understanding of your current situation. It may also be that the frustrations that you have are things that are easily remedied by virtue of a conversation with your supervisor or manager. But ultimately, it all comes down to what your job is offering you right now – and what it is that you’re looking for.

Maybe your reasons for moving are based on salary. If this is the case, have you had a chance to speak to your current manager? Legal recruitment is particularly candidate-driven and with this in mind, what happens when you get a counter-offer upon handing your notice in? Perhaps you want career progression and are moving because you want a promotion. It may be that your current firm have a plan in place for you but they haven’t told you about this – whilst the lack of transparency can be frustrating it may mean that when this information is revealed your situation changes. Perhaps you want to do a different type of work – and unbeknown to you the plan is for this to be accommodated in the future.

The reality is that we try and have this conversation with you so that we can get a really solid understanding of your motivators for the search. It means we can tell you about more roles, highlight any relevant information (particularly if it ties in with your aspirations) but it also means that we can challenge your misconceptions. I have worked with a number of candidates recently that have been surprised by the opportunities that we have been able to present them with – and it has been because we have made the effort to get to know the candidate.

So when you speak with us at BCL Legal please do not be surprised when we play devil’s advocate. But hopefully, you’ll see that we’re on your side and we want to get to know you – so that we can find the ideal next role for you.

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