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Stressed about starting your new job?

At the time of writing this blog, my 6 (and a half!!) year old daughter has enjoyed 6 weeks of freedom aka the summer holidays. It was her first day back at school going into year 2 with a new teacher, new classroom, and new expectations. My niece started high school the same day too, braving the school bus with just one friend from her previous school. They both love school however they are both anxious about what lies ahead and what to expect, leaving the comfort of year 1 behind or in my niece’s case, the familiar surroundings of her primary school for a scary comprehensive!!!

These feelings and emotions are similar to those some of us feel on starting a new job. Whilst it’s exciting and the start of a new chapter, the thought of that first day can create a heady mix of emotions…will the team be friendly, will you be able to absorb all the information thrown at you during your induction, and inevitably will you be any good as well as the more mundane such as what to wear!

This binge thinking will inescapably lead to moments of panic in the early hours when most are fast asleep. In it’s most severe form it could even make you re-consider your decision to leave - better the devil you know and all that! The trick is to realise these thoughts are all normal and to embrace them, face your fears! You CAN do this!!

Never consider your first day to be the norm. The first day, first week, first three months even are generally not a true reflection on what the job/people/firm are like in reality. Your insecurities will be running wild during this time so take the time to really settle in before making judgement. Don’t over think things, focus purely on doing the best you can with the training and support you have been given. Don’t feel like you need to know everything and everyone after day 1. Take one day at a time, your confidence will increase with each passing day and before you know it, you won’t be the new person anymore!

As a recruiter we talk from experience. We know how hard first days can be from your point of view as well as actually experiencing it first hand. We recruiters have had first days too! Whether this is your first or tenth job move, starting a new job is never easy and there will be a massive learning curve, full of highs and no doubt some lows too. Feel positive that everyone at some time or another will be in exactly the same situation and look forward to the challenge and rewards that your new job will bring! And remember, your first day is just one day… a mere 8 hours! Part of our job as your recruitment consultant is to hold your hand through this process. Talk to us about your anxieties, worries or any issues. Our relationship doesn’t end the moment you walk through the office door on your fist day and if you have worked with us already, you will know this to be true. If you are yet to speak to us about your job search, give us a call.

For a confidential and in-depth discussion on your job search, please contact Joanne Lack at BCL Legal. Whilst Joanne specialises in residential property across the Midlands and East Anglia, BCL Legal’s team of consultants cover all legal disciplines nationwide.

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