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Super League or Bust?

This is it. It’s the 90th minute and you’re almost at the end of your training contract. Everything you’ve worked for from school through to university has culminated in this moment.... qualification.

The winning goal is in sight but the question now is, what which firm will you join? Is it Super League or Bust for you?


Competition for NQ roles is always fierce but these past 12 months have been particularly challenging for Newly Qualified Solicitors. Many firms had put recruitment on hold and have been on the offensive in retaining existing trainees.

Starting Line Up

To put yourself in the best position of securing a hatrick I’ve placed some helpful tips below that should help coach you in to securing your goal.

Player Of The Year

Ensure you’re in a good starting position from the outset. Update your CV- properly! Your CV should be well structured and concise and ought to reflect your experience relevant to the discipline you wish to qualify in to.

LinkedIn- Update your Linked In. Ensure the format is professional & details your experience. A good bio is a good introduction for prospective employers so make it stand out!

Premiership vs Division One

Why do you want to qualify in to a particular firm? Is it the prestige or the work on offer in the team? Why does it have to be a national firm?

I’d recommend researching firms and what their teams have to offer. Take a look at the Legal 500 for your preferred discipline. There might be firms listed on there you may not have heard of. Boutique practices regularly rank Tier 1 in particular disciplines in comparison to their competitors. Don’t relegate a firm before you’ve done your research!

Off Side

Can you be flexible on location? It may be more difficult to secure a role in your  locally. Are you able to be more flexible I order to secure the right role? With more and more firms offering flexible a commute further afield may enable you to secure a role with your ideal firm!

Red Card

Don’t make multiple applications for one vacancy. Junior lawyers in particular tend to make multiple applications for the same role. It can come across as disorganised with a lack of control over your applications and annoy the firm’s HR team!

For further advice on your legal job search and helpful tips on updating your CV contact our team.

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