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Taking time out of the office

Taking time off of work can be very difficult, but it is just as important as turning up for work and according to You Gov, only one in three workers take their full holiday entitlement. Annual leave doesn’t necessarily have to be you jetting off somewhere exotic, it could simply consist of you making the most of sleeping in past 6.30am and not having to do the long dreaded commute in to the office, especially in the winter!

Many people feel a lot more productive after taking a full lunch break away from the desk, with no work related distractions. So, imagine what a few days or a week could do for your productivity! Not only will it make you feel that you are more productive when you return, but there will be less of those “I have so much to do with so little time” flustered moments, where you really feel that everything is on top of you! This is because once you return from a period of time away from the office, stress free and relaxed, your time management would have most likely improved which means you will spend less time wasting time!

A work life balance is also extremely important, and taking time off is one of the best ways to help you remember this. Employees who are constantly working with no down time are more likely to deal with stress and health problems, which in return can result in them being very difficult to work with. If you are not managing your work life balance right, it can mean that you are extremely drained for any free time you do get to yourself or to spend with your loved ones - which isn’t pleasant for anyone!

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