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Should I tell a recruiter my salary and benefits package?

It seems this is a somewhat controversial topic. I’ve come across a handful of blogs that take the standpoint: this is private and should remain confidential. Some suggest the only reason a recruiter wants to know this information is to cap any offers that are made to you. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

How it really works

The first thing to understand is a good recruiter will never use your current salary and benefits to ‘low-ball’ your job offer for the benefit of their client. In fact, a recruiter earns a higher fee by securing you a higher paying salary. Therefore, they’ll always be motivated in getting you the highest salary possible!

We negotiate on your behalf

So, there’s no downside to revealing your salary and benefits package to a GOOD recruiter. I understand the thinking behind ‘playing your cards close to your chest’; given the amount of ‘bad’ or ‘rogue’ recruiters out there. But if you’re working with a well established and reputable agency and feel confident in their understanding of your requirements in securing a new role, then you can trust them with negotiating the best offer possible on your behalf.

We know the market

Bear in mind, a good recruiter has a strong understanding of the market-rate salary by location and/or sector and they’ll utilise this in your favour. If a client comes in with a lower than market-rate offer, a good recruiter makes the client aware of this; in a bid to incentivise them to pay you a higher salary, without jeopardising the offer altogether. On the flip side, if the offer made to you is in line with the going rate, a good recruiter advises you on the pitfalls of walking away from it in an attempt to secure a higher salary elsewhere. 

After a careful assessment of several factors such as career growth; salary growth; the security of earning a bonus versus the security of an increased basic salary; pension contribution; car allowance; parking etc., a good recruiter is perfectly placed to advise clients on the kind of offers to make to remain as competitive as possible.

BCL Legal act as a preferred supplier for a vast number of law firms; we’re regularly requested to provide clients with market salary rates and it’s the trust from our clients that ensures we’re best placed to help secure you the job you want with the best salary possible, under any circumstances.

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