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I have worked with BCL Legal as an Apprentice Database Administrator for just over six months now. An apprenticeship is perfect for me because I’m a practical, hands-on person. I’m not academic at all, I don’t test well and I don’t do long essays (apart from now). I’m a kinaesthetic learner.

After doing my GCSEs I did my first year of A-Levels, studying Biology, Health and Social, and Textiles. I liked college but the exams didn’t seem to like me as much. After results day I found The Apprentice Academy website where I applied for their Level 2 Business Admin Apprenticeship. Luckily the same week, I got my first job interview with BCL Legal.

At 17 an interview with someone who could potentially be my manager was a scary thought. I remember sitting there, trying to remember all the “key skills” The Apprentice Academy had taught me. I remember blowing the palms of my hands as they were sweating with nerves, trying to dry them off to create a good first impression with a good hand shake. After being called back for a second interview, I got offered the role and stating the obvious, I said “yes!”

For me, I have learnt that an apprenticeship is the best way to progress into a career in a working environment. You get the best opportunity to develop your skills set to be a successful and valued member of staff, while gaining nationally-recognised qualifications. I get regular visits inside the working environment from The Apprentice Academy and I also receive monthly training. This helps me stay on track with my qualifications and I’m due to complete the apprenticeship by the end of September 2016.

I don’t know what I’d be doing right now if I’d not found this apprenticeship. I’d probably be failing two years worth of college. This opportunity with BCL Legal has really set me on track to something new and I’m grateful for the experience I have been given.

For more information please contact Lydia Cheetham or visit our website BCL Legal.

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