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I first started at BCL Legal in 2012 as an apprentice in the consultancy support team after gaining my qualification in food studies. Jumping from a passion for food and wine to a desire to work in administration might not seem the most obvious leap, but when you are working long hours into the night putting blood sweat, and quite literally tears into the job working in the food industry had lost its appeal. Little did I know working in legal recruitment is also very fast-paced but thankfully with much less tears and far more enjoyment.

At first, I joined the apprenticeship scheme to try something new as I had always wanted to work in either an office or a restaurant when I was younger and the restaurant option had lost its appeal. In college, I did have involvement in administration as it was mostly computer based but I found that when I completed the course I wanted to concentrate on the part that interested me the most which is why I joined The Apprentice Academy.

I wasn’t sure which part of administration I wanted to be a part of, whether this be in finance, legal, marketing etc. So when I was given the opportunity to work for a legal recruitment firm, I knew it would be an exciting challenge and despite not knowing much legal jargon I relished the chance to try something new.

When my first day came around I couldn’t have been more nervous and, in truth, slightly overwhelmed. What would my colleagues be like? Would they like me? Was I wearing the right things? As it transpired I had nothing to fear. BCL Legal embraced me from day one and have consistently encouraged my professional development and invested in me to give me a broad understanding of the legal recruitment sector and in the inner-workings of the business.

BCL Legal, like many other employers have recognised the value that apprentices can add to a business and have been a staunch supporter of the Academy not just with me but providing others with an opportunity to work within a successful, dynamic and above all fun business that, without questions, sit as one of the leaders in legal recruitment.

As the legal market continues to evolve there are ever increasing ways to enter the legal profession as well as the service industries that provide valuable support to law firms across the country. Becoming a lawyer is not just about qualifying through the traditional route of training contracts but ever increasing numbers are finding alternative routes to the law whether as paralegals, CILEX, through the apprenticeship schemes, or even through BCL Graduates.

For me BCL Legal has given me the support and investment to professionally develop and having concluded The Apprentice Academy I am now gainfully employed as a valued member of staff (so I’m told) with the very firm that invested in me and it is great to be a part of a business that is forward thinking enough to recognise, support and utilise a broad range of skill sets. Thank you, BCL Legal!

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