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What are the benefits of using a legal recruiter in the current climate?

It’s been a tough 12 months for everyone to say the least, but even tougher if you’re a newly qualified solicitor looking for a new role or an experienced solicitor who has been made redundant.

As if the job market wasn’t competitive enough anyway, throw in a pandemic and things become even harder. That's why it's more important than ever to plan your job search; to really consider the best way to go about it.

Saying that working with an agency is the best way to do things is going to make me sound a little biased, but it is vital to keep track of what’s happening in the market, which can be difficult to do if you’ve been out of the job search game for a while.

Below I have listed a few pointers on what to expect from working with a legal recruitment agency, and how to conduct your job search when you're working with a recruiter:

Be selective about who you chose to represent you

It’s easy when you’re in a slight panic and want to secure a job ASAP to ping your CV out to a multitude of different agencies. What you may not know is that often firms work with a select number of well-known PSL (preferred supplier list) recruitment agencies, so do your research and consider who is going to be able to best represent you in the market. That way the process is made much more seamless for everyone.

Don’t go and then apply directly

If a recruiter has mentioned a job and you have given them permission to apply on your behalf, please don’t then go and apply directly on the firm’s website! We work really closely with our client contacts and our aim is to build open and lasting relationships with everyone we work with. If you do this it doesn’t create a good impression with the firm or the recruiter. 

Keep a track of where your CV has been sent to

The last thing you want is your CV being sent to a firm a number of times through different recruiters, so it’s essential to keep track of where your CV has gone, on what date and who sent it. In addition, advise your legal recruiter about this list openly so that they have all of the facts to be able to work with you and advise you accordingly. 

What do you stand to gain from using a recruiter?

So why not cut out the middle man and apply directly? Well, your recruiter can help you in numerous ways which you may not have access to when you apply directly... Interview tips specific to that firm's process, in-depth team and firm culture information, access to exclusive roles which aren’t advertised on the firm's website, offer negotiation on your behalf and much more.

Be honest with your recruiter

I can’t emphasise this enough: Be honest about where you’re interviewing, where your CV has been to and what offers you currently have, along with highlighting your preferences in relation to your job search so far. In the long run it makes everyone’s life so much easier. Knowing where you are in the process and being able to manage expectations is key. A good recruiter will work with the focus of having yours and the client’s best interests at the heart of everything they do. If the process is fully transparent it makes it easier and far more efficient for everyone involved.

For further advice on conducting your job search in the current climate, please get in touch. 

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