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The benefits of using a specialist legal recruitment agency

Delving into a job search can feel like a massive step into the unknown. Trust me, I’ve been there!

Just a quick google search can throw up hundreds of roles, which on the face of it, look very similar. Working with a recruitment consultant who has specific knowledge and understanding of the legal market in your area can enhance your job search ten fold. How are you supposed to decipher between these roles? How can you best tailor your CV to help you application? How big is the team that you’re applying to be a part of? What salary is on offer and is it in line with market rate? These are all questions that the consultants at BCL Legal can help you with. Getting that initial interview can sometimes feel like an uphill battle and can be a long and time consuming process. Working with a reputable recruitment agency can give you the best chance of landing that difficult to secure interview and few fully understand how beneficial agencies can be.

At BCL Legal, we have nearly 19 years worth of experience of recruiting exclusively into the legal market.  What this means for you when working with a BCL consultant in your job search, is that you have a wealth of specialist market knowledge at your finger tips! Over the years, we’ve built strong, long standing relationships with lots of the UK’s top national and international firms and because of this we’re on the preferred agency list for many of these firms. We are therefore best placed to help you with any questions you may have during your job hunt.

As well as a professional job search service we are also able to provide market information, CV specialisation, interview preparation, career advice and industry networking opportunities. All of this is available at no cost to you so take all the help you can get and remember that BCL consultants want you to secure that next perfect job opportunity just as much as you do. Our strong relationships with numerous prestigious firms’ means that we can even put you in contact with the right people to create and secure a job opportunity, where they may not even be an active vacancy.

The important thing to remember is to treat your agency as a resource and help us to work with you to the best of our ability. An honest working relationship is the best way and an upfront approach is the key to your success. Essentially we’re here to help and by taking a more consultative approach to recruitment we aim to make your job search as easy as possible.

As a recruitment consultant at BCL Legal, it’s my job to help you through your job search as much as I can. If you’re open to considering your options in the London Legal market, feel free to get in contact with me to confidentially discuss what opportunities I’m working on at the moment.

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