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The central tenet of 21st century western philosophy seems to be I tweet therefore I am

It is without doubt within the natural remit of most Lawyers to be eloquent as well as argumentative. We talk to share thoughts and much in the same way, we blog to share news, opinions, best practice and to prove to ourselves that we are all wordsmiths worthy of notoriety. If William Shakespeare had access to the world wide web there is no way he would have tweeted what light through yonder window break #fairverona. He most certainly would have been a blogger. Rather sadly though it has been suggested that the use of blogs is in decline, with professionals across all fields seeming to prefer the short and snappy 140 characters of a tweet. This strikes me as odd for the historically and naturally verbose legal profession, and thankfully I am not disappointed.

The global network of law bloggers is on the rise, bucking trends and using the online space to generate a wealth of information for all legal professionals to access across the globe. Joining this ever growing network of blawggers today is myself, having joined the Birmingham office of BCL Legal at the start of 2014.

Legal recruitment is a fast moving and ever growing organism contributing the new shape and mould of the legal profession across the globe. At the forefront leading the charge is BCL Legal. If you are a Lawyer within the Private Practice sphere or in-house looking for a new challenge, firms are looking to recruit across all levels from NQ to Partner. You can contact us at any one of our regional offices so come and talk to us; give us a call, respond to any one of our blogs, send an email, write to us, or you could even tweet us @BCLLegal

Gishan Abeyratne, BCL Legal

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