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The Daily Commute

One of the most important aspects of any job must surely be the daily commute and from  work.  I have worked at BCL Legal for over 6 years and in that time have had a number of different methods/routes for commuting in.  First the lane chopping madness of the M66 from east Lancashire, then the delights of the Parkway/M60 Chester Road and now the 85 bus or tram from Chorlton to Piccadilly.

The term “warrior driving” was coined to describe the way myself and a former colleague navigated the drive in from Timperley to Manchester city centre.  This involved making key lane changes and overtaking moves to ensure you could make the journey in 10 minutes less time.  I was that guy who want past and pulled in at the end rather than queuing up for 10 minutes on junction 7 of the M60.  Even when I got into Manchester I paid £3 a day to park 15 minutes walk away from work.  As Bez from the Happy Mondays described such things in his autobiography Freaky Dancing it was a “nause”.

Looking back it was an incredibly stressful way to start and finish the day and the bus ride or tram ride in now (especially when the school/university holidays kick in) is a lot more enjoyable.  The last couple of weeks have given me time to listen to a host of new albums I put on my iPod and to email relatives in Canada that I never would have got the time to do driving in

From a recruiter’s point of view I can’t stress how vital it is that you seriously consider the daily commute.  Too many people ask to be put forward for a role without properly thinking about their daily commute to be met with the harsh reality of rush hour traffic and the cost of it all.   In equal measure too many candidates will discount an opportunity thinking that the commute involved would be much more onerous than it would be.

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