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The Evolving Role of the General Counsel

Last month, I was invited to attend a fascinating seminar, entitled,

‘The Voice (of the General Counsel) Re-imagining legal services for the 21st century.’

Created by DLA Piper Partner, Richard Norman and Chaired by its UK Managing Partner, Mark O’Conor, DLA Piper has expertly explored many of the pressing questions facing General Counsel and indeed most legal counsel today.

With superb input from a vocal panel of leading General Counsel, including Andrew Bull, Chief Legal Counsel at GE Capital International; Monica Risam, General Counsel; AVIVA Group, Rob Dinning; General Counsel, Global Operations & Technology, Barclays and Andrew Fleming, Head of Legal and Company Secretary at British Airways, Mark was successful in hosting an informative and entertaining, interactive session based around the ‘prediction’ that, ‘legal institutions and the role of the lawyer will change more radically over the next two decades than they have over the last two centuries.’

Indeed, the discussion delved into the changes in the legal services market, including increased competition from new entrants, alternative business structures, and likely consolidation of the sector, creating both demand and opportunity for forward thinking law firms to deliver services differently and how this rapid and accelerating change presents challenges and opportunities for law firms and in-house teams alike.

If you are interested in joining the ongoing debate about how these important changes are impacting one General Counsel to another, you must come along to the next event. You may have additional questions, for example, you could be wondering how technology is impacting legal departments; (all that I can say is Kia Motors….) or interested in finding out how ‘legal’ is perceived by the business; (think, cost centre versus revenue generator….) or, you may be curious to find out if ‘nomadic lawyering,’ is a solution that you might like to adapt? (good for the commoditised stuff, otherwise, probably not...) Last, you may even be wondering if we will ever see an end to the hourly fee? (No love shown for this, but useful as a yardstick….) All of these questions and more, may be answered or at least expertly explored, with a lot of fun to boot, via DLA Piper’s highly successful programme of W.I.N. (What In House Lawyers Need events. Do check them out.

For further information please contact Rachael North or visit our website BCL Legal.

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