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The impact of going AWOL following your job application

At BCL Legal we never send your CV to a law firm without your prior consent. If we make an application on your behalf, it is because you have asked us to do so and in giving your consent, it’s likely to be a role you are interested in, or at least that’s what you tell us. Our consultants spend time running through the particulars of the role, understanding your motivations for wanting to move on and guiding you through the process. It is imperative that you are honest with us from the outset. It’s likely that you will have other roles run past you in the meantime, particularly if you are registered with more than one agency. This is not uncommon and is the reason why you should always keep track of your CV.

A major concern which can be detrimental when job searching is when a candidate goes radio silent following a job application. Once the CV is submitted, we spend time discussing your application with our client with the ultimate goal of securing you an interview. And then we can’t get hold of you. Once an interview is confirmed the firm will expect a response, one way or another. It is plausible that your circumstances could have changed- but you need to tell us. The impact of disappearing leaves a bitter taste. If now is not the right time for you to move and you have had second thoughts, you need to tell us out of courtesy so we can best manage the relationship with the firm- more so for your benefit. The central HR function for the nationals will keep internal records which are accessible to all offices- and it will be highlighted if you wish to apply in the future. The same goes for smaller, regional high street practices- they remember and unfortunately, the door will be well and truly closed for the future. Not to mention the fact that Partners and Heads of Departments will move around. Keeping us updated of your situation means we can manage the process to keep the door open for you, if not now, then for the future. Not showing up for interview, not responding to an interview or offer request has a bigger impact than you think. There is no doubt you would have gone through the hard work of embarking upon a career in law if it didn’t mean a lot to you.

Think very carefully about how you position yourself in the legal market. Be honest and remember the six degrees of separation theory….in a regional legal market you’re likely to be two steps away.

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