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The importance of a challenging probation period

So three months have passed at BCL Legal and the dark cloud of probation has now passed. At BCL we do things a little differently when it comes to a probation period. Unlike any other probation period I have been involved in, BCL Legal’s involved a handful of test’s and discussions with senior members of the business. Previously, my probation periods have ended with a simple chat in where the firm has told me they’d like me to continue with them and a pat on the back rather than a number of challenging tests.

Over the three month period I was nervous about the tests but after numerous late night’s revising and learning about the markets and the BCL Legal way all led up to a couple of days of tests at the end of September. And? I passed. Following my final meeting with the managing director James Batt, I was informed that I had passed all the tests and can no longer worry about probation. But what did I learn?

Well, I can honestly say that I know that this firm has got all angles covered. The probation period showed how much you have actually bought into the business without realising it. It showed me how committed I was to learning my markets, how committed I was to being part of the team and gave me a great understand of the BCL Legal values and why it is one of the Times top 100 firms to work for. Not only have I learnt a lot over the past three to four months but I believe that BCL have turned a relatively un-challenging task into a great way to get people up to speed and completely on board with the firm and which is why it makes a great place to work as every colleague is passionate about being here and the work they do.

So would I recommend a challenging probation period? Absolutely! It was worth every late night of revision and every nervous moment. Not only does it improve me as a consultant, but it also improved my understanding of the business and the direction in which BCL Legal is heading.

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